Dr. Ingo Friedrich elected as President of the EES
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Friedmann elected as Honorary President

Press Release of 25 Sept. 2009

Lavant/Brussels: The members of the European Economic Senate (EES) elected at their members’ meeting in Austria (Lavant) the former vice president of the European Parliament Dr. Ingo Friedrich unanimously as the new President of the European Economic Senate. He is the successor of the former President of the European Court of Auditors Professor Dr. Bernhard Friedmann, who was appointed with the same confidence vote as Honorary President of the EES. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board Paul Stefan sent the congratulations of the Supervisory Board. With the new board of EES the way of success can be continued. Dr. René Siegl (Austria) was elected to the EES board as Vice President.


The new EES board from left: Vice President Dipl.-Ing. Ivan Carnogusky, Slovakia, Secretary General Wolfgang Franken, President Dr. Ingo Friedrich, Honorary President Prof. Dr. Bernhard Friedmann, Paul Stefan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Vice President Dr. René Siegl, Austria.



In the Austrian Lavant Dr. Ingo Friedrich, long-time vice president of the European Parliament, was elected unanimously new President of the European Economic Senate (EES). He is the successor of the former president of the European Court Prof. Dr. Bernhard Friedmann, who was appointed with the same confidence vote on the honorary president of the EMS.
The EES is a non-party and cross-sector European panel of successful entrepreneurs and individuals who offer their knowledge and experience to policy makers in an advisory capacity. The EES gives its opinion on current issues, propose solutions to current challenges and is committed against efforts to extend the influence of politics on business decisions constantly. Brussels is determining more and more laws and regulations in the economic field, said President Dr. Friedrich. That’s why the voice of businesses and entrepreneurs should be represented in Brussels with more effective presence.
The members of the EES act according to the principle of an honest businessman and strive for the culture of responsibility and trust. In a certain code of honour they commit themselves to promoting the social market economy and to provide a positive business image. Members ensure their business activities is focused employee-, customer- and result-oriented as well as in terms of sustainable development.
Cooperation partner of the EES are amongst others the Association of Taxpayers in Bavaria (BdSt Bayern), the European Association of Taxpayers (TAE) and the Federation of German Industry in Cologne. Dr. Ingo Friedrich, "I will use my experience and energy for Politics and entrepreneurs in the sense of reaching a European public more closely with each other."

For further information please contact:
EES General Secretariat: +49 (0) 228-9489761
Office of Dr. Ingo Friedrich: + 49 (0) 9831-8373