About us

The European Economic Senate (EES) is the enhance of a national body, founded in 1997. It is independent and represents in a non-partisan way varieties of European business interests.

The EES is a body of specially selected, very successful individuals, whose businesses, and their products or services, are among the market leaders in their respective fields.

The number of senators is limited to 300 individuals, representing as many different fields of industry as possible.

Today the EES is the focal point of an EU wide network of more than 1 million partner enterprises.

The neutrality and complete independence of the EES, and the Senator’s high level of business and industrial expertise make this body a respected business partner for the political decision makers and public authorities.

Similar bodies, with the same high expectations and demands on their members are being founded across Europe and linked to one another.

We have the courage, the obligation and the confidence to create a ‘culture of responsibility and trust’. Our dialogues with the politicians and society are less emotional.

We campaign against the organised lack of responsibility in almost all areas, and to work with our partners in assuming responsibilities for the economic and social interests of the businesses we represent.

Download of the EES-Brochure (English)

Dr. Ingo Friedrich

Michael Jäger
Chief Executive Officer/Secretary General