Press release
Westerland, 11./12.11.2004

The European Economic Senate (EES), a group of successful entrepreneurs in the Europe, will now face strongly of "organized irresponsibility" in politics and society.

At the same time the former president of the European Court of Auditors, Bernhard Friedmann, was calling for “the liberation of the parties from self-isolation" at a meeting of "Sylt round”.

The"Sylt round” is an "individual discussion group" of representatives from business and academia. As a result of the two-day deliberations on Sylt, which was attended by politicians, too, the round pointed out, that the conditions for economic and ecologic reasonable activities must be enhanced in Germany too.

Prof. Friedmann, who was elected President of the EES at the beginning of November, criticized that the EU failed so far, to better coordinate economic policies of its members. But this would be necessary if the EU wants to reach its aim to become the economically strongest region of the world by 2010.

According to EES General Secretary Wolfgang Franken this goal is only achievable if politics, economy and society open themselves. Lack of information and internal struggles will not be helpful. For example, the declining interest of voters is causally motivated by the fact that voters can not understand policy, and therefore become protest or abstention voters. Franken continued: “The EES is prepared for discussions with political decision makers at each level and each time and does not force politicians but mostly comes up with own solution concepts and proposals.