The European Economic Senate (EES) meets on 12 April 2010
at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg, D-53639 Königswinter,
Bonn on the topic: Economic renewal for Germany and Europe?

Economic structures, social market economy, to customize environment
and performance and tax subsidies are the Key elements of the
Keynote speech of Prof Dr Paul Kirchhof, Tax lawyer and former
Federal Judge of the Supreme Court, followed by a Panel discussion with politicians.

The EES is a combination of successful European companies and individuals, who extend their experience and knowledge to the European decision makers.
The EES seeks the substantive dialogue with European Governments, European Commission and the European Parliament. The EES wants to create and initiate economic and social changes for the present and future.

Bonn, 18.03.2010
Wolfgang Franken
EES Secretary General