Statement EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, April 16, 2021

What type of politician fits the current and unbelievable complexity of reality: China, 8000 km away, influences our automotive market, our security depends on the USA, also 8000 km away, 26 EU partners influence the stability of our currency, a global Corona pandemic paralyses our medium-sized business economy, and Russia is playing with fire in the Ukraine. At the same time, the entire world is festering, because previous minorities are also demanding a "spot in the sun" with their wishes for acceptance and equality. Many consider "rich" Germany and the EU to be obligated, and expect from them solutions for climate and refugee issues, violations of constitutional states, development aid in Africa, nationalism, social justice ranging from child labour to inclusion, as well as racial discrimination. One crisis supersedes the next.

In a situation like this a type of politician is needed who is not just able to balance and appease, but tackles issues, defines goals and enforces them, who pushes his or her ideas even in dramatic-critical phases, if necessary, with hardness and finesse.  In this situation we need a German chancellor who can play in the global "Champions League" with bullies like Putin, Xi Jinping or Erdogan, but also with shrewd politicians like Macron, Draghi or Johnson. For this brutal environment, not to mention for the immense challenges our own country will be faced with after the pandemic, we need a  "mover" and no fantasts. This is the only way we can keep Germany on the top in the interest of its citizens. It will be hard enough.