Statement EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, January 02, 2023

We are all now suffering from the intense and diverse divisions in society: between the right and left, between climate protectionists and climate deniers, between old white men and modern gender representatives, between efficiency managers and self-fulfilling family people, between those who accept the immigration of refugees and those who fear the downfall of their own culture.

The dispute between these attitudes towards life escalates even within the circle of friends and family and is an undesirable development that must be stopped. A sober analysis quickly comes to the conclusion that there is at least a grain of truth in almost every one of these attitudes, and if so, everyone should be prepared not to demonize those who think differently, but to calmly talk about how to continue. In concrete terms: we must stop trying to proselytize "the others" because we think it to be our duty to lead the deviants to the "right path", possibly even by force. We have to stop blustering that the world will end if "the others" prevail.

Instead of proselytizing, everything must be openly discussed in a democratically fair manner, and then decisions capable of consensus should be made. These will usually be compromises that have to be readjusted and adapted from time to time.

A definitive right or wrong has only ever been proven in practice through the course of history and it will remain so in 2023. However, some language issues should be left to the self-evolving language use without state intervention.

All in all, more composure and sobriety are required in our discussions, an attitude of not defining emerging new developments as ultimate saviours, nor as threatening symbols of doom. A fundamental hope that whatever is forward-looking and right for people will prevail in the long run is certainly not wrong advice.

So: Listen more and proselytize less.