September 9, 2021


Walter Grupp, Director EES Office in Brussels
(16.06.1952 - 08.09.2021)

 It was with great shock and deepest sadness that we learned of the death of our long-time friend and partner, Walter Grupp.

 For many years Walter was director of our office of the European Economic Senate (EES) in in Brussels and one of our most important liaison officers in politics there. He was a passionate fighter for small and mid-sized companies and leaves a gaping void. His keen mind, his deep humanity, his incredible horizon, his humor, his wonderfully finely tuned antennae and his inexhaustible passion will be immeasurably missed by all of us, personally and professionally.

Walter, you are so absolutely irreplaceable and so missed already!

 In deep solidarity and gratitude!

Dr Ingo Friederich (President)
Rolf von Hohenhau (Chairman)
Michael Jäger (CEO)