February 24, 2022

Statement on the occasion of the belligerent invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine is being crushed before our eyes by an insidious attack by Putin, and the West must therefore develop a completely new strategy. The most important goals of the new strategy should be:

  1. Putin's conquest must cost him so dearly and taste so bitter that he "spits out" the bite again. (The former Soviet Union overstretched itself when it occupied Afghanistan.)
  2. Ukraine's casualties must be kept to a minimum.
  3. Preparations must be made for the long process of regaining freedom for Ukraine. The gradual wearing down of the occupiers should be strived for and prepared for.
  4. The Putin regime must now also be fought within Russia. The Russian people must be shown what normal life they will be missing out on as long as they put up with Putin.
  5.  The strategic goal now must be Russia's fundamental market-economy reorientation. The Putin system must be fought from the outside and from the inside. Putin is a calamity for Russia and the world.