EES Live (01/2024)

January 9th, 2024 - as an exception on the 2nd Tuesday of the month!

EES EU Live (01/2024) - The Digital Senators' Briefing  
Video Live Talk with Dr. Ingo Friedrich, President of the European Economic Senate (EES), 
on current European topics.


“Call for rejection of bureaucracy in Europe”

Dr Christoph Leitl is one of the most prominent Europeans and was one of Austria's leading business minds. He is convinced that Europe can only overcome global challenges if it is united. At the same time, he is very worried about Europe as economic location and the European Union as such. He would like to start with the radical fight against bureaucracy, which he currently uses as an example in the upcoming European supply chain law. Since he himself is already fighting against this development in his office but has been unable to stop it, he will resort to the last resort and calls for a kind of democratic disobedience. This should result in a successful European Citizens' Initiative. He would like to discuss with our senators how he implements this, what goals he pursues and how he sees a sustainably successful Europe in the future.


Dr Christoph Leitl

President of the European Austrian Movement (2022- to present / member of SME CONNECT), Former President of the Austrian Economic Chamber (2008-2018), President of the European Economic Chamber Eurochambres (2002 - 2005; 2018 - 2021), President of the Austrian Economic Association (1999- 2017), Deputy State Governor of Upper Austria (1997–2000), member of the Upper Austrian state parliament and economic councilor of Upper Austria (1990–2000).




President of the European Economic Senate (EES)



Dr Christoph LEILT

President of the European Movement Austria



Dr. Horst HEITZ

Head of EES Office in Brussels