EES Economic Talks in Going (A), May 4, 2017

EES Economic Talks 2017 of the State Representation/Branch Austria

On Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 5.00 p.m.
Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt, Kaiserweg 1, A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser

“Europe after the BREXIT and the U.S. Elections – Suggested Solutions by the EES”

Panel Discussion


    Vice President Europäischer Journalisten Association (VEJ)

(from left to right) Frank Niehage, Rolf von Hohenhau, Dr Ralf Schneider
and Dr Ingo Friedrich



  • Rolf von HOHENHAU
    President of the Bavarian and European Taxpayers Associations,
    on the topic: “Institutional Reforms of the EU – Where Does the EU Need to Tackle the Issue?”
    President of the European Economic Senate (EES), Vice-President of the European Parliament ret.,
    on the topic: “New Set of Values in Europe – Political Reorientation of the EU”
  • Economic Senator Frank NIEHAGE, L.L.M.
    CEO FinTech Group AG,
    on the Topic: “Financial Markets and Euro. ECB Low-Interest Rate Policy, Future of the Euro, Financial Centre Europe – What’s Next?”  

View on the participants

Dinner Speech

  • Michael JAEGER  Secretary General TAE; CEO EWS

Dr Ingo Friedrich (left and Michael Jaeger


  • Dominic VEKEN
    Corporate Philosopher and Strategy Consultant,
    on the topic: “Transformation and Culture Change”

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