EES Economic Talks in Going (A), June 6-7, 2019

EES- Economy Talks at Stanglwirt in Going/Kitzbühel on the Topic: “Europe After the Election. The End of the Reform Bottleneck? - Setting the Agenda for Europe's future”


EES Conference  Going 2019

In the first part of our economy talks we dealt with the consequences of the European elections. Although the outcome of the election is far from certain, it is already clear that Europe is facing major challenges anyway. We need to resolve the backlog of reforms and finally create the conditions for more growth, employment and prosperity. It is to be feared that the extreme forces will increase in the forthcoming elections. What does this mean for the future of Europe?

Is there a chance for a renaissance of values in Europe? Will the European Central Bank continue with its zero-interest policy? Will the principle of better regulation finally be pursued? Or are more redistribution, more liability and higher tax burdens simply threatening?

The example of the discussion on the digital tax has shown that it is not about factual information and discussion, but about populism and targeted disinformation politics, and unfortunately not only on the occasion of elections.

As an elite association, we do not want to stand by and watch this development inactively, but rather engage constructively and critically in the discussion. From the point of view of the economy, what is necessary to make Europe fit for the future, to bring  Europe closer again to people and to create a basis for future generations, so that they can live in peace and growing prosperity as in the past seven decades?

In the second part of the conference we discussed in proven manner, in the context of our EES Business Brunches, the future of the power supply. Is electro mobility really the solution or does reality look completely different? After this brunch, the topic of energy supply and electro mobility will be seen with completely different eyes. As part of this working breakfast, we want to shed light on the dark and take a differentiated look at the topic.



    President of the European Economic Senate (EES),
    Vice-President of the European Parliament ret.


  • Dr Barbara KOLM
    Vice-President of the Austrian National Bank, Director of the Austrian Economics Center
    on the topic: "Europe on the Way to an Endless Zero Interest Rate?”
  • Dr Horst HEITZ
    Secretary General of SME CONNECT
    on the topic: "Good Governance and Better Regulation - Prerequisites for more Growth and Stability in Europe"
    President of the European Economic Senate (EES), Vice-President of the European Parliament ret.
    on the topic: “Renaissance of Values in Europe - What Must be Changed Now!"
    President European Journalist Association (VEJ)
    on the topic: “End of the Fake News? Less Populism and more Information!”


    President European Taxpayers Association (TAE),
    Chairman of Supervisory Board of the European Economic Senate (EES)


EES Nomination

President  Dr Ingo Friedrich, Economy Senator Erik Staudt, CEO Michael Jäger and
Chairman of Supervisory Board Rolf von Hohenhau
President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Economy Senator Stefan Kresta and CEO Michael Jäger


  • Christoph ARNOWSKI
    “Rundschau”reporter and ARD domestic correspondent for BR television
    on the topic: "Energy Supply of the Future - Is Electro Mobility the Solution?“



Speaker Christoph Arnowski


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