EES Economic Talks in Going (A), May 17, 2018

EES Economic Talks 2018 of the State Representation/Branch Austria
May 17, 2018
Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt, Kaiserweg 1, A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser

Our first event on digitalization in Bonn this year had the topic "Industry 4.0 - Digital Dividend".
In Going we dealt again with the topic of digitalization under the motto "Digital (R)Evolution - Everything is going to be different?" and will dive deeper into the matter.

The first part of our economy talks was focused on the current practice, but also on the future challenges that digitalization will bring with itself. What does purchasing digitally mean? Are our legal system and our system of justice fit for the digital future? What does autonomous mobility mean for businesses and households? What does the future digital financial market look like? Do we need a digital corporate culture or, in other words, does everything stay the same in terms of values or do we need a new digital value system? Exciting questions for which, we hope to have answers for and in-depth explanations.

The election in Austria has attracted attention throughout Europe. A new chancellor, young, dynamic, conservative and yet visionary. Completely detached from political constraints in a coalition with a center-right party. He sets a clear course for more growth and development in Austria and creates pragmatic solutions. Will Austria now be the new reform engine for Europe? What are the directions and how are they to be evaluated? Answers to these questions can be found during the EES evening event.

In the second part of the conference, we took a look at the future of building design and construction as part of our EES Economy Brunch and deal with the topic: "BIM Building Information Modeling - Building 4.0, the Digitalization of Civil Engineering". After this brunch all participants see architecture/constructing industry in a completely different way. You learned what is possible today and will already be a reality tomorrow in a cozy breakfast atmosphere.

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EES Economy Senator Nomination

(from left to right) CEO Michael Jäger, Dr Martina Burgetsmeier, President Dr Ingo Friedrich,
Martina Swerak, Vice-President Dr Malte Berlin, Gerhard Gruber and Secretary
General Wolfgang Franken

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