EES General Meeting and EES Economic Talks in Munich (GER), November 13., 2015

EES  General Meeting 2015 and EES Economic Talks ,
Munich, 13. November 2015, Sofitel Bayerpost

on the Topic:
“Quo Vadis Europe? – Using the Crisis as a Chance!”


Keynote Dr Edmund Stoiber, Partiiticpants

We look back on an eventful year 2015. The problems facing Europe unfortunately have not really lessened over the past 12 months. Quite to the contrary. Given the many “unfinished construction sites” – especially the dramatic wave of refugees – the countries are reaching their performance limits. One thing is becoming more and more apparent, Europe is not the problem, but rather the solution.

Problems of global dimensions cannot at all or only with great difficulty be solved by national solo efforts. National autonomy is important and right. But national egotism and behaviour that lacks solidarity is uncalled for, because it endangers the joint project, Europe. As is often the case, Germany is the engine and pioneer in Europe. But as with all engines, the performance limit of the driving machine should not be unduly stressed. This also holds true for the topic of refugee aid. Not everything has been done right in the past few weeks and still is not, but it was important to offer speedy aid to the refugees. German aid and solidarity were misinterpreted and the incentive to preferably seek help in Germany was increased and unfortunately often and massively abused also by economic refugees from so-called safe countries of origin. To leave Germany more or less alone with the influx of refugees is in the long run not acceptable, as the EU commission has recognized. The asylum abuse is now supposed to be put to a stop. Moreover, it would be necessary to develop and implement a standardised European refugee concept and ultimately a unified European immigration policy. Also, Europe will not be able to avoid pursuing a unitary European foreign and safety policy.  

With our EES Economic Talks we, as representatives of the European industry, want to make an active contribution. Our motto “Quo Vadis Europe? – Using the Crisis as Chance!” carries a clear message: Every crisis offers the chance to tackle reforms and make the best of a situation. One only has to set about.

Keynote Prof Juraj Sipko


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Nomination of Economy Senators

(from left to right) Secretary General Wolfgang Franken, Economy Senator Dr Richard Sachse,
President Dr. Ingo Friedrich, Dr Edmund Stoiber and EES CEO Michael Jäger



(from left to right) Secretary General Wolfgang Franken, Economy Senaror Prof Dr.-Ing. Ulf Breuer,
President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Dr Edmund Stoiber and EES CEO Michael Jäger

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