Economic Talks in Going (A), May 19, 2016

EES Economic Talks at Stanglwirt / Kitzbühel  on the topic:
"Europe in the Crisis, the European Elites in the Responsibility -
Solutions of the EES"
with Guests of Honour
Professor Dr Dr Udo DI FABIO, Judge at the Federal Constitutional
Court Germany ret.

Euro crisis, financial crisis, debt crisis in many EU countries, EU reform deadlock, Russia conflict, refugee crisis, terrorist attacks and now “Panama Leaks”. Contracts and agreements such as Dublin or Maastricht are broken. A bailout is chasing the other. Europe runs to risk to reach its performance limits. Has Europe in the current form a future? Do we need more or less Europe? How can lost confidence be regained? What is needed from the perspective of the economy, to put Europe on track and make Europe fit for the future?
These and other questions were topic of the EES Economy Talks Going 2016.



  • Professor Dr Dr Udo DI FABIO,Judge at the Federal Constitutional Court Germany ret.
  • Dr Horst Heitz, Executive Director SME Europe, Trade Association of the European People's Parties, CEO eupag GmbH
  • Economy Senator Dr Laura KRAINZ-LEUPOLDT,  CEO and Owner PEMA Vollkorn-Spezialitäten Heinrich Leupoldt KG, Vice President Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oberfranken Bayreuth

Dinner Speech

  • Dr Barbara KOLM,
    President of the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute in Vienna and Director of the Austrian Economics Center on the topic: "From Panama Leaks to Migration Crisis - Challenges the European Union faces on its way to Reform!"

Business Brunch


  • Prof Dr Norbert W. KAISER,
    CEO Excellence Europe GmbH, EFQM Award Assessor, Licensed Advisor & Licensed Trainer; Professor of Corporate Planning and Organization at the University of Applied Sciences of Ansbach on the topic: "Business Excellence - but how?"


Nomination of EES Economy Senators

(from left to right) EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Prof Dr Udo di Fabio, Petra Becker,
Michael Zsoldos, Konstantinos, Gabrielides, Bernhard Nüsse, EES CEO Michael Jäger
and Secretary General Wolgang Franken

More Pictures in the Picture Gallery in the Members' Area