EES EU Live (03/2022)

March 1, 2022

EES EU Live (3/2022) – The Digital Senator's Briefing
Video Live Talk of the European Economic Senate (EES) with live feed from Kiev, March 1, 2022

Due to the current developments in Ukraine, the programme was changed. The focus of our EES Live was on the current situation in Ukraine and the associated consequences.

We organised a live link-up to Kiev. Our senator Vasil Danyliv as well as Lilia Heitz, the wife of our office manager in Brussels, our Ukrainian EES contacts person Larissa Apasova and our partners from Ukrainian Taxpayers association joined our event from Kiev. This gave us an immediate insight into the situation. In addition, we the EES are in the process of organising aid and want to know what is needed most.

The special event on "Self-employment & Entrepreneurship" will be postponed.

Our interlocutors in Munich were:MdL Franz Josef PSCHIERER

  • Chair of the Mittelstandsunion; Former Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs
    Topic: "Economy under Pressure in Times of COVID and War in Ukraine".
  • Dr Horst HEITZ
    Secretary General SME Europe of the European People's Party
    Topic: "The Consequences of the War in Ukraine on the Present and Future Economic Policy of the EU."
    Country Director DACH at Herbalife Nutrition
    Topic: "Report from the perspective of a company affected by the war in Ukraine."