EES Economic Talks in Kiev (UA), February 20 - 22, 2020

"Level Up Ukraine" conference and EMS economic talks with representatives
of the government on the topic: "Ecosystem Economy-Politics-Society"
Kiew, February 20.-21., 2020 

Concept and vision of this conference:
We wanted to bring together important representatives from the fields of business, science and politics, exchange experiences and discuss the future of Europe from a practical point of view. The Ukrainian Prime Minister and a large number of other government representatives confirmed to participate in this conference.

What are the trends in Europe, e.g. in the field of taxation? Success stories were presented and reports were given on current reform efforts in Ukraine. Another important topic was the question of communication between companies and organisations.

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Opening Dinner with Representatives from Economy, Polititcs and the Ukrainian Taxpayers Association (TAU)


Congress Level Up

View on Participants


Interview EES Vice-President Daniel Bercel

Dr Johannes Zwick (left) and EES Press Office Prof Rudolf G. Maier     

EES Economy Senator Nomination

(from left) CEO Michael Jaeger, Alex Trigubenko, EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich and President Grigol Katamadze

(from left) Dr Olena Derevianko, Dipl.-Ing. Christine Batasch, Larissa Apasova, CEO Michael Jaeger, Marco Scherbaum, President Dr Ingo Friedrich and Grigol Katamadze, President TAxpayers Association Ukraine (TAU)

Signing of Cooperation Agreeement between EES and TAU

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