EES Economic Talks in Going (A), June 2-3, 2022

EES Economic Talks 2022 in Cooperation with the EES-Section Austria

In the first part of our business talks we discussed the topic: "Security Technology and Quantum Computers - in the Age of War and Globalisation" with Dr Axel THIERAUF, Chairman of the IQM Quantum Council, and Guenter HEISS, former Ministerial Director, former Coordinator of the Intelligence Services in the Federal Chancellery. Coordinator of the Intelligence Services in the Federal Chancellery.

How important valid information and efficient communication channels are is shown not least by the war in Ukraine. This includes, in particular, a functioning digital infrastructure. The fact that Putin has so far not been able to achieve the desired military success is due not only to Ukraine's high defence capability but also, among other things, to the fact that Alan Musk made it possible for Ukraine to use his satellites - overnight, so to speak - and thus to communicate. But security technology and secure digital systems are not only important in war. Many companies can tell you a thing or two about what it means to be attacked by hackers. The causes of digital attacks on companies are complex and range from industrial espionage, blackmail and sabotage to deliberate attacks to impair the competitiveness of competitors. It is therefore essential for almost every company today to invest heavily to protect itself against such attacks. It is clear that war and globalisation are not reducing the problems for companies and that it is more important than ever to address this issue.

In the evening, Dr Barbara Kolm, Vice-President of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB), spoke at the dinner on the topic of "Sustainable Fiscal and Financial Policy".

During the business brunch on Friday, our cooperation partner, the European Association for the Economic Development, presented some highly innovative projects in the fields of environmental protection, energy and food security.


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  • Dr Axel THIERAUF
    Chairman of the IQM Quantum Council,
    on the topic: "Quantum Computers: When will Our Security Architecture Fall?"

  • Guenter HEIß
    Ministerial Director ret., former coordinator of the intelligence services in the Federal Chancellery,
    on the topic: "Intelligence Services and Their Current Capabilities"

Dinner Speech

  • Dr Barabara KOLM

    Vice-President of the Austrian National Bank, Director of the Austrian Economics Center
    on the topic: "Sustainable Fiscal and Financial Policy"


Business Brunch

  • Project presentaton
    European Association for the Economic Development

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