EES Economic Talks in London (UK), April 26, 2018

EES Economy Talks on the topic: “BREXIT: Divorced but still friends?”

Dhe hourglass for the BREXIT has started to run. On March 29, 2019, the BREXIT will unfortunately becoming a reality. The UK will no longer be a member of the EU. Or does BREXIT not come in the end? Can we even - as announced - afford a "hard BREXIT"? What will be the consequences for economy and trade between the EU and the UK? What are the demands and ideas from the point of view of the British? Do they coincide with those of the EU-27? How is Britain preparing for the future after the EU membership? Will there be a revival of the Commonwealth?

We discussed these and other questions about BREXIT "directly at the source" in London. Where could this be done better than in the House of Commons, the United Kingdom Parliament and its politically decisive chamber?

For sure the highlight of this event was the meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street 10.

In the first part of our meeting, on April 26th, we had the opportunity to discuss with British and European Members of the Parliament and experts from business and science.

In the second part, on April 27th, we verified the gained experience and information in a background discussion with the representatives of the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA). The TPA is one of the most influential non-governmental organizations in the UK.

Our London Economy Talks took place in cooperation with the SME Union and the European Taxpayers Association (TAE).

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EES Economy Senator Nomination

(from left to right) EES CEO Michael Jäger, Taxpayers' President Rolf von Hohenhau, EES
President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Erik Mikurcik, EES Vice_President Daniel Bercel and MEP Iuliu Winkler

Ceremony of Honoar for Ivan Carnogursky (Honouraray Vice President)

(from left to right) CEO Michael Jäger, Taxpayers' President Rolf von Hohenhau, President Dr Ingo
Friedrich, Ivan Carnogursky, Vice-President Daniel Bercel and MEP Iuliu Winkler


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