EES Economic Talks in Desenzano del Garda (I), June 28 - 29, 2018

EES Economic Talks Desenzano del Garda/Verona (I)  
June 28./29, 2018
on the topic: "Renaissance of Values in Europe?!"



Until a few years ago, Europe was a heaven of peace, prosperity and freedom. Today, the situation is very different. If one looks at the development in society and media in Europe and the rest of the world, unfortunately, an increasing decline of the values can be determined.

Respect and fair dealing lose more and more importance, be it in B2B, B2C in the media, and there especially in the new social media, or in the way people treat each other. A dramatic and regrettable example is the persecution and threat to people on grounds of faith and this in a brutality and ruthlessness that we have not known in Europe since the Middle Ages and after 1945. Things that would have been unthinkable 5 to 10 years ago have become reality today.

In addition, globalization and technical development are creating further pressure for change. Many people are therefore losing their confidence in law and order and in the state. They look to the future with concerns. This is an unfortunate and dangerous development! So far we have found ourselves in the European Union, so to speak, in a "comfort zone", which has been abruptly lost. Now in Europe we are faced with the challenge of preserving and protecting Europe in its unique quality and of defending the values that have made Europe so strong. What is needed is a renaissance of values.

What answers does policy provide? What role do media play? What can and must churches do? What would a value-oriented and future-oriented legal system look like, which in particular also includes digitalization? Do we need a new order of values in order to be prepared for change and to live up to social responsibility?

The topic of values has the highest priority for the European Economic Senate (EES), including the vision of the honourable business man. As part of our EES business talks in Italy on Lake Garda, we therefore intensively dealed with these issues and want to bring the experience of our members into the discussion.

Speakers (in alphabetic order)

  • Magdi Cristiano ALLAM
    Journalist; Member of European Parliament ret.
  • Daniel BERCEL
    Vice President European Economic Senate
  • Dr Richard BEYER
    Member of the Institute of Business Criminal Law at the University of Saarland,
    Honorary Consul of the Republic of Angola
  • Dr Angela GIEBELMANN
    HGAS Giebelmann & Salvoni Lawyers / Avvocati
    President European Economic Senate (EES), Vice President European Parliament ret.
  • Mag. Gudrun HAGER
    Trade Commissioner/Commercial Consul Milan, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
  • Dr. Horst Heitz
    Secretary General European SME Business Club, Partner of eupag GmbH
  • Michael JAEGER
    CEO European Economic Senate
  • Dr Axel JUHRE
    BMW Group; CFO BMW Italia S.p.A.
  • Dr Dr Paolo MAGAGNOTTI
    President European Journalists (EJ)
  • Prof Dr Marco MANSDÖRFER
    Chair of Criminal Law, Business Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law at the University of Saarland
  • HE Bishop Dr Walter MIXA
    Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers
  • Massimiliano SALINI, MEP
    Member of Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of European Parliament
    Vice President European Journalist Association Germany (VEJ)
    President Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE)

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