EES Event Davos (CH), October 3, 2020

Honorary Award of the Burnout Network to Normann Stadler
and Economic Talks

From left: Dr Ingo Friedrich (EES President), Michael Jaeger (CEO), Ulrike Ditz,
Award Winner Normann Stadler and Patrick Wind

Successful entrepreneurship thrives on professional networks. Being able to present oneself and one's company, to make and maintain contacts, to exchange ideas, to question things are essential building blocks for entrepreneurial success. For a long time we were denied vies because of Corona.  Finally, personal encounters and networks again! The Burnout Network approached the European Economic Senate with this idea of a short-term presence event.

October 3rd, the Burnout Honour Award was presented to Normann Stadler, two-time Ironman World Championship winner, and business talks will be held in the Turmhotel Victoria, where the receptions of chancellors and presidents from all over the world are usually held.

The theme of the honorary award ceremony was: "Summit Meeting Sport, Health & Economy - how outstanding life stories enrich our lives!"
At one of the most politically significant places in the world, the performance of Norman Stadler was honoured on the one hand, and on the other hand we illuminated  the topics of business and health, sport and success with all its facets.

The economy is in a state of flux, not just since Corona. However, some companies have been able to play to their strengths especially in times of Corona. Others have fallen into considerable difficulties, including many companies in the tourism and health sectors. These are now facing serious processes of change, because as a result of Corona there will inevitably be a transformation in health tourism, taking into account social requirements. What needs to change in order for the economy as a whole to regain momentum? Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs? These and other topics were discussed  in Davos.


Moderator Jan Kunath Dr. Horst Heitz
Arthur Bechtel Michael Martin
Robert Salzl Normann Stadtler