EES General Meeting and EES Economic Talks in Munich (GER), December 12, 2014

EES General Meeting 2014 and Economic Talks
“Europe 2025 – Demands and Recommendations of the Economy”

We can look back on an eventful 2014. The problems in Europe have not become really lower in the last 12 months. We have elected a new European Parliament and a new European Commission. There is a general awakening mood. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has announced for the next few years, an up to 300 billion Euro investment program which aims to make Europe fitter and more competitive by 2020. But money alone cannot solve the structural problems. It requires profound reforms in order to achieve the ambitious goals that are congruent with national and at European level in many parts. These include the stability of the Euro, internal and external security, growth and innovation, reduce unemployment and generate prosperity for all. Otherwise threaten stagnation and a growing divergence in performance in Europe. The question is to what extent will affect the redemption or softening of the Schröder reforms, including the labour market reforms, which are considered crucial for Germany's "economic success" in Europe? How and when TTIP will be implemented and with what consequences for Europe? What are the effects of the Ukraine-Russia crisis on Europe both economically and politically? What consequences does the ECB policy have and what are the long-term following of the Euro crisis?

With our EES Economy Talks we, as a representative of the European Economy, want to do an active contribution. Our motto is clear: "Europe 2025 - Claims and Proposals of the Economy". We want to represent the views of the companies in dialogue with the speakers today, bringing in our experience and offer to the participating guests the chance to interact at the highest level. Based on experience exchange we want to develop practical solutions for the future political debate.


Dr Ingo Friedrich, President
Robert Salzl, Mitglied des Stiftungsrates Schörghuber Stiftung & Co. Holding KG


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Werner SINN, President des ifo Instituts – Center for Economic Studies (CES)


Dorothee BELZ, Vice President Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft EMEA
Barbara BROSIUS, Vice Chairman UBS Deutschland AG
Dr. Brian RAMPP, Head of Politics AUDI AG
Prof, Juraj Sipko, Institute of Economic Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences


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Welcome by Oleksandr Rotov


Group Picture of new Senators

Oleksandr Rotov jr., EES CEO Michael Jäger, Joseph Faymonville, Michael Freter, Lex Thielen,
Stefan Neuhaus, EES Presidnet Dr Ingo Friedirch, Christian Janas, Michael Martin, Thomas Ehm
and EES Secretary General Wolfgang Franken (from left to right)

Ukrainian Senators Meeting at the General Assembley Munich

(from left to right) Oleksandr Rotov jr,OLeksandr Rotov, EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Nataliya
Netovkina, Volodymr Skubenko, Artem Skubenko and EES CEO Michael Jaeger

Dinner Speaker

Franziska LÖKE, Senior Consultant, Corporate Office Munich RE

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