EES General Meeting and EES Economic Talks (Online), November 13, 2020

Online EES General Meeting 2020 and EES Economic Talks,

Our EES Economic Talks took place under the motto: "Europe Post-Corona - Between new Beginnings and Bankruptcies".

There is no better way to describe the situation in Europe. Either a new start is made, which initially requires containment or successful combating of the virus, or else Europe threatens to sink into chaos. It is clear that large parts of the economy will not survive a second complete lockdown. A single virus destroys and threatens the existence of countless people and businesses.

The effects of the crisis will be felt for a long time to come. Huge sums of taxpayers' money are being used to deal with its consequences, countries are incurring new debts and assuming additional liabilities. However, it is particularly important to keep a cool head and find sustainable solutions during the crisis. Two opinions are currently clashing. One is of the opinion that what is needed now is a strong state, an EU with considerably more competence, freedom must be restricted, more state demand and redistribution are needed, taxes must be drastically increased and decisions should be taken centrally. The other camp demands more freedom and less state, a reduction in taxes, and better framework conditions for the economy. The solution will lie somewhere in the middle. From the point of view of those who pay everything with their taxes, it is important that public funds and resources are used as efficiently as possible. Under no circumstances should the crisis be misused now to allow countries to suck up money and, without necessity, to undermine existing rules to pursue clientelistic policies. After all, not every deficit and not every bankruptcy is caused by the Corona virus. What are the political solutions? And what should be done from the point of view of business to make Europe fit for the future?

 These and other topics were discussed at our EES Economic Talks.