EES Economic Talks in Timisoara (RO), October 11 - 13, 2018

EES Economic Talks Timisoara (RO),  October 11./13., 2018 
with MEP Iuliu WINKLER, on the topic:"Industry – Entrepreneurship, Road to success: The education – business – local government triangle” in Timișoara, October 11th-13th, 2018

The conference was organized by SME EUROPE in cooperation with the European Economic Senate.

Like it or not, the future is digital! The subject of digitalization has an uncountable number of different facets. Growth is significantly influenced by innovation and especially by digitalization. Information gathering, data processing and the exchange of knowledge is playing a crucial role for both businesses and the public sector. The education – business – local government triangle is the key to success. Interdisciplinary exchange is necessary to find solutions for complex challenges. What can and should politics, science, administration and the economy contribute to? Timisoara and the Banat region have always played a special role in science, research and innovation in both Romania and the former Soviet Union. Today, this region has become a highly attractive business epicenter. Low labor costs, coupled with good education and an intelligent settlement policy have led to a veritable boom. How to become a hotspot? Why do companies like to settle here in the region? With our EES Economy Talks we want to discuss with successful entrepreneurs, who have settled in Timişoara and the Banat region, as well as with representatives of science, research and politics.
As part of this high-level meeting, a platform for a B2B exchange between entrepreneurs and participants will also be supported at this business conference.

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Meeting in the City Hall with the Mayor of Timisoara Prof. Dr. Nicolae Robu Reception at ox Technology Park (from left) EES Chairman Rollf von Hohenhau, Vox CEO Virgil Tornoreanu
and Economy Senator Andreas Obereder
Opening Press Conferenc View on the panel


Economy Senator Nomination

(from left) EES Chairman Rolf von Hohenhau, Mayor Prof Dr Nicolae Robu, Economy Senator Svitlana Podlesna, President Dr Ingo Friedrich, MEP Iuliu Winkler and EES CEO Michael Jaeger


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