EES Economic Talks in Brussels (BE), June 4, 2018

EES Economic Talks with Political Leaders of Ukraine on the topic: "Ukraine-Europe Perspective" with Deputy Prime Minister Stepan KUBIV, Prosecutor General Yuri LUTSENKO and Maxim NEFYODOV, Vice-Minister for Economic Development and Trade

If Ukraine is judged only on the basis of publications one could quickly come to the conclusion that this country is far away from the planned internal reforms and thus far away from the further integration towards the European Union.

Ukraine could become an important trading partner for the European Union, not only because of its large sales market and its raw materials. Especially with regard to BREXIT, it is worthwhile to intensify cooperation with Ukraine.

What is the status of reforms in Ukraine? 

It is clear that it is not enough to rely blindly on the reporting in the media. For that reason, we want to get first-hand information about the current status of Ukraine’s reform progress and possible future perspectives of a deeper cooperation.

Who could do this better than the responsible persons for the economic development and trade of Ukraine and for the fight against corruption in Ukraine?

Members of the Ukrainian Delegation:

  • Stepan KUBIV,
    First Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economic Development and Trade
  • Yuriy Vitaliyovych LUTSENKO,
    Prosecutor General of Ukraine and
  • Maxim NEFODOV,
    First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine,

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