EES Economic Talks in Bratislava (SK) , April 29-30, 2019

Economic Talks Bratislava/Slovakia on “Mobility of the Future”
Under patronage of Ing. Peter Pellegrini, Prime Minister of Slovakia 

Electro mobility is currently in full swing. So will we only be driving electrically in the future? Does the combustion engine still have a future? Or is it in the hydrogen engine or the fuel cell? What answers does the automotive industry have? In the end, will there be no more individual mobility at all and will we all only drive with autonomous means of transport? New technologies also make new safety concepts necessary. Today, there is at least a method of communication between drivers and other road users. Does the car see me? Does it slow down at the crosswalk? Do other road users give me or allow me the right of way? How does it look like in a fully automated world? Who does the autonomous vehicle without a driver avoid in the event of an imminent accident, the child or the elderly person? Is there, or rather do we need, a digital mobility ethic? Who will be in charge in the future, man or machine? Who is liable in the event of an accident or damage?

The European Economic Senate (EES) conference on the topic "Mobility of the Future" dealt  with these and other questions on the subject of mobility in our conference.

The aim of this public conference is to sensitize businesses, science, politics and the media to the future topic of mobility, to exchange experiences and to create a platform for an open-ended mobility discussion.

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Opening Autosalon Bratislava Participants of the Autosalon Opening
Interview EES-Vice-President Daniel Bercel Welcome by EES-President Dr Ingo Friedrich
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