EES Live EU (01/2023)

January 3, 2023

EES EU Live (01/2023) - The Digital Senators' Briefing
Video Live Talk with Dr. Ingo Friedrich, President of the European Economic Senate (EES), 
on current European topics.

The year 2023 will be a year of challenges. For inflation rates remain high and the three large economic areas of the USA, China and Europe are still in crisis at the same time, albeit for very different reasons.

Energy prices reached an all-time high last year. The reason for this is not least the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the use of gas supplies as a weapon against the EU. Nationally and at the EU level, measures have been adopted to reduce energy costs, secure energy supplies and reduce energy dependence on Russia. With mild weather in much of Europe, full liquefied natural gas tankers anchored off EU ports and well-filled gas storage facilities, gas prices in Europe are falling, and in some cases are already below the level before the war in Ukraine began. This is hopeful news for the people and the economy at the beginning of the year.

But we are still far from out of the woods. At our EES Live, we want to discuss our demands on politicians, present our framework programme for 2023 and take up suggestions from you for key topics.

Your discussion partners are:

- Dr Ingo FRIEDRICH, President of the European Economic Senate (EES)

- Baron Rolf VON HOHENHAU, President of the Taxpayers' Association of Europe (TAE)

- Dr Horst HEITZ, Secretary General SME Europe