EES Economic Talks in Bratislava (SK), September 13 - 14, 2018

EES Economic Talks in Bratislava (SK), September 13th and 14th, 2018

People in Europe are getting older and can enjoy their well-deserved retirement. At the same time, however, birth rates are falling and this despite immigration from EU third countries. Fewer and fewer people are paying into the social security systems. There is already a lack of personnel in the health sector in many countries, for example, Germany is badly in need of nurses, yet many jobs still remain vacant. What answers does the EU provide? At EU level, there are strong tendencies to harmonize the social and health systems, there is a discussion to balance national differences through additional or higher financial contributions of economically strong countries. What does this mean for the citizens and business? Do people have to work until the age of 70 or more? How to keep people longer fit and thus in the working process? How much will health care contributions need to increase to keep today's standards? Where is the limit of a reasonable burden? Could a comprehensive digitalization of health care system be a solution? What contribution could foreign workers make? Which standard makes sense at all?

These and other issues were addressed during our EES Economy Talks in Bratislava.

The final highlight was a visit to the Atelier of the famous glass artist Gordana TURUK

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Opening by EES Vice-President Daniel Bercel (from left to right) Ing. Jozef HUDÁK, Dr Andrea Kalavska,
Rolf von Hohenhau, Doc. MUDr. Stefania Moricova und
Dr Johannes Zwick
(from left to right) Dr. Ingo Friedrich, MdEP Ivan Stefanec, Ivan
Carnogursky and Dr Johannes Zwick
Viiew on the participants of the conference
Arrival Minister Dr Andrea Kalavska (third from right) Reception at Gordana Turuk, owner Gordana Glass

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