EES Economic Talks in Going (A), September 16-17, 2021

EES Economic Talks 2021 in Cooperation with the EES-Section Austria on the topic: "The Self-Assertion of Europe in a Globalized World"

Opening of the conference
View on the Partcipants


The Corona pandemic has ruthlessly exposed the strengths and weaknesses in Europe. Countries with functioning public administrations and stable budgets - like Germany - came through the crisis much better than countries with high budget deficits, little financial room for manoeuvre and non-functioning administrations. At the same time, the crisis has clearly shown the economic dependence on China. It is now important to find the way back to normality, to initiate a restart of economy and to make Europe more independent of third countries. Europe's competitiveness must be strengthened so that it does not "lose out" in the global competition with China and the USA. This requires impulses for growth, investment and employment. Europe has potential, we just have to use it better!


    President of the European Economic Senate (EES),
    Vice-President European Parliament ret.          


  • Professor Dr Gregor KIRCHHOF
    Chair hair of Public Law, Financial Law and Tax Law,Director of the Institute for Economic and Tax Law

Short Statements

  • Eduard KASTNER
    Chairman of the EES-Committee Innovation
  • Michael MARTIN
    Chairman of the EES-Committee Sustainability
    Chairman of the EES-Committee Health
Eduard Kastner
Michael Martin
Marco Scherbaum



  • Rolf von HOHENHAU
    President Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE);
    Chairman of EES Supervisory Board

Outlook EES-Africa- Conference

  • Klaus STEINER, Member of Bavarian Parliament
    Spokesman for Development Policy of the CSU Parliamentary Group in the Bavarian Parliament

Dinner Speech

  • Dr Paul RÜBIG
    Member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC),
    President of SME Connect, Member of the European Parliament ret.


(from left) President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Economy Senator Milan Majtan, CEO Michael Jäger,
Chairman Rolf von Hohenhau and Vice-Presient  Daniel Bercel


Dr Ingo Friedrich, Michael Jäger and Economy Senator Ralf Kröpke

Dr Ingo Friedrich, Rolf von Hohenhau, Economy Senator Jörg B. Martin and Michael Jäger


Dr Ingo Friedrich, Economy Senator Matthias Karnatjan, Michael Jäger, Rof von Hohenhau and
Economy Senator Franz Karnatjan


  • Dr Benedikt FRANKE
    Chief Executive Officer, Munich Security Conference (MSC)
Dr Benedik Franke


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