EES EU Live (06/2021) and Free Market Road Show, June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021

EWS EU Live (06/2021) - The Digital Senators' Briefing and Free Market Road Show (FMRS) 2021
Video Live Talk with Dr. Ingo Friedrich, President of the European Economic Senate (EES)

“What Will Happen After the Corona Pandemic?
- Using the Crisis as an Opportunity! How a Re-Start of the Economy Can Be Successful”

Every first Tuesday of the month, at 5 p.m., President Dr. Ingo Friedrich will personally answer the questions of our Senators in the "EES EU Live - The Digital Senators Briefing".

The upcoming event on 1 June will take place in cooperation with our partner Free Market Roadshow (FMRS).
The FMRS is a liberal-conservative network that has been promoting the idea and issues of the  market economy since 2008. Normally, large-scale events are held throughout Europe, where we from the EES are also happy to provide support. Unfortunately, presence events are not possible at the moment. Originally, the FMRS started with the intention of doing development work in Eastern European countries and supporting the establishment of the market economy and market economy mechanisms there. Looking at today's developments in Western Europe and Germany, it is more important than ever to fight for entrepreneurial freedom and the preservation of the social market economy.

Welcome and Moderation
Dr Ingo Friedrich
President European Economic Senate (EES),
Vice-President European Parliament ret.

Dr Barbara Kolm (A)
Vice-President of the Austrian National Bank,
Director Austrian Economics Center

Franz Josef PSCHIERER, MdL
Chairman of the Mittelstandsunion (Union of Medium sized Companies)

Closing Remarks
Rolf von Hohenhau
President of the Bavarian Taxpayers Association,
President Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE)