EES Economic Talks in Going (A), October 10, 2013

Economic Talks
October 10, 2013
Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt
Going am Wilden Kaiser


"Challenge Europe
Actual Trends and Preview" 


Welcome by  Balthasar Hauser, Bio Hotel Stanglwirt




  • Presentation  EES Committees Dr. Michael SPANGENBERGER, 
  • Committee Economy and Politics  Stephan Rupprecht, 
  • Committee Financial Management
  • Nomination of Senator Sergey Larionenko (Ukraine)


Dinner Speech

  • Georg BRUNNHUBER, Deutsche Bundesbahn on: 
    "European Railway in 21 Century"
  • Peter SENGER, CEO Bentoprom GmbH on: 
    "RussIA/Europa – A Complicated Relation"


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