EES Economic Talks in Frankfurt (GER), July 23, 2014

EES Economic Talks in Frankfurt (GER) July 23, 2014

with Dr Joachim NAGEL,
Member of Board of German Federal Bank  (Deutsche Bundesbank)

Topic: "The Challenges of Central Banks in the Future"




Dr Joachim Nagel,
Member of Board of German Federal Bank  (Deutsche Bundesbank)


Mag. Dr Karin Hrdlicka,
Director, Main Department "European Bank Supervision” of the Austrian National Bank
Dr Thomas Moser,
Deputy Member of the Executive Board of the Swiss National Bank, Head Economics   
Dr Reinhold Rickes,
Dep. Direktor Group Economy , German Savings Bank and Giro Assocation (Dt. Sparkassen- und Giroverband)
Dr Ingo Friedrich,
EES-President, Honorary Member of EP


Matthias Wargers,
EES-Senator and Member of Board of “Erste Abwicklungsanstalt EAA”


View of the Participants of the EES Economy Talks 


EES Nomination Ceremony


(from left to right) EES CEO Michael Jäger, EES Chairman Rolf Baron von Hohenhau, EES Senator 
Marcus Kramer; President Dr Ingo Friedrich and EES General Sekretary Wolfgang Franken

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Interview with Dr Nagel in Klartext 10/2014 (in German)