EES Economic Talks in Going (A), May 7, 2015

EES Economic Talks at Bio Hotel Stanglwirt/Kitzbuehel with Representatives from A-/CH-/DE- and SK-Politics, Topic: "Can we Create a Change? Industry 4,0"

What are the opportunities and challenges of digitalization? What are the latest developments and trends? What dangers lurk in the network and in the digitization? What new forms and potential damage Cyber Crimes have? How can you protect yourself and how to confront this potential damage? Economic change always means change. We want to also address the new social challenges in this context too.



Balthasar HAUSER, Bio Hotel Stanglwirt


Economy Senator Hans-Peter EITEL,CEO Novadex GmbH on the topic:
„Industry 4.0  - Actual Developments and Trends“

Chair of Criminal Law, Law Relating to Economic Offences and Criminal Law
at the University of Saarland on the topic: "Industry 4.0 - The Danger from
the Network - Current Trends, Manifestations and Damage Potential of
Cyber Crimes"


H.E. Bischop Dr  Walter MIXA,
Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers
on the topic: "Change and Social Responsibility"


Dinner Speech

Prof. Dr. Juraj Sipko
Institute of Economic Research
Slovak Academy of Sciences
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EES Senator Nomination

( r.) Prof Dr Dr h.c. Werner WEIDENFELD,  Economy Senator Christian Janas and
EES-President Dr Ingo Friedrich

Brunch Talk

Prof Dr Dr h.c. Werner WEIDENFELD,
Director of the Center for Applied Policy Research at the University Munich
on the topic: "Can we Create a Change in Europe?"



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